Your commercial roof works hard behind the scenes, keeping your business safe from rain, wind, and sun. But even the most rigid roofs face challenges. Knowing what troubles they might encounter and how to solve them can save your business from headaches and hefty expenses.

Let’s walk through the top five commercial roofing problems and straightforward fixes.

Leaks and Moisture

Leaks top the list of roofing woes. Rain, snow, and ice can breach your roof’s defenses, leading to unwanted water inside. This moisture can create mold and mildew, harming your health and damaging your building’s structure.

Fix: Watch for water damage or pools on your roof, especially after bad weather. Ensure your roof has good drainage and fix any damage quickly to keep leaks at bay.

If you do have a leak, reach out to the team at Cipollini Roofing. We offer reliable commercial and industrial roof maintenance to handle any repairs.

Improper Installation

The skill with which your roof was installed can make or break its longevity. Mistakes made during installation may not surface for years but they can lead to significant problems.

Fix: Choose a trusted, experienced roofing contractor from the get-go. Regular maintenance checks can spot issues for roofs previously installed, allowing for repairs before things get worse.

Poor Maintenance

Letting roof maintenance slide is a recipe for trouble. Minor issues can quickly turn into big problems without regular checks and upkeep.

Fix: Set a maintenance routine that includes bi-annual inspections and post-storm checks. Address any signs of wear promptly, and keep your roof clean and debris-free.

Ponding Water

Flat or low-slope roofs often struggle with ponding water (when water builds up and stagnates on the roof for longer than 48 hours), weakening your roof and leading to leaks or structural issues.

Fix: Good roof design and installation with proper drainage can prevent water from gathering. Adding drains or adjusting the roof’s slope may also help. Stay vigilant and tackle pondering problems early.

Thermal Movement

Temperature changes cause roofs to expand and contract, leading to material wear and potential leaks or structural concerns.

Fix: Use materials that can handle these temperature shifts. Expansion joints and adequately installed roofing components can also mitigate these effects. Regular checks can catch any thermal movement issues early on.

Remember, keeping your commercial roof in shape is all about being proactive. Regular maintenance and inspections can catch minor problems before they escalate, saving you time and money in the long run. If you run into any of these common issues, a chat with a professional roofing contractor like Cipollini Roofing can set you on the right path. After all, a durable, well-cared-for roof is vital to your business’s overall success.

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